Can you write a chapter about successful property investment?



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We’re researching an international book offering practical,  proven and easy to follow advice on how to invest in property.  Can you contribute a chapter?

The sort of topics we’re focused on include the most common mistakes made when investing in property (and how to avoid them),  a guide to the constantly changing property market and its laws (as they apply in your country),  managing your properties and tenants, how to buy investment properties significantly below market value,  how to plan and undertake a thorough risk assessment, choosing your mortgage and property,  what type of property to buy to maximise your profit potential  and where in your country are the best places to look for property to buy etc…The list goes on and I hope you can add to it.

Property Investment Success will be published as an ebook as well as a paperback and it will be marketed through Amazon,  iBooks,  the Mithra Publishing site and selected book stores.   Each contributor will be credited for their chapter and we will also publish your bio as well as a link to your site.  If you would like to contribute to Property Investment Success please email


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